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Sept 2019

॰ How to ssh connect to a linux server with a windows machine

॰ Stats jam: deal with class imbalance using Python

June 2019

॰ Stats jam: simple things first

॰ Using Python to download and convert Youtube video into mp3

December 2018

॰ Stats jam: Bayesian hierarchical modeling

August 2018

॰ Why did I quit FB?

September 2017

॰ Stat jam: variance-covariance

॰ Is fasting really healthy?

December 2017

॰ How does it feel to run a marathon for the first time?

November 2016

॰ How to get smarter?

October 2016

॰ Best age to do a PhD?

September 2016

॰ Do we use only 10% of our brain?

February 2016

॰ A few tips to apply for a PhD