Losange bleu


About fasting

I am fasting every Tuesday since a few months. I don’t eat anything from Monday evening to Wednesday morning. I just drink water and tea (without milk, honey or sugar). I recently switched to a 24h fasting instead, thus I eat again Tuesday evening. There is a pragmatic reason for this: sleeping when being hungry is tough thus I was tired on Wednesday therefore not productive enough.

I’ve always been in good shape and nothing changed since I started fasting. I just have a feeling that my body regulates itself more easily in terms of digestion. Thus I cannot really say that there are intrinsic positive effects.

However, I noticed a bunch of positive side effects:

# Fasting taught me to develop strategies to resist unhealthy food (fries, candies, etc.). I have learned how to control myself and to resist temptations way more easily. Nowadays, it’s quite easy for me to say “no” or “stop” to myself.

# Fasting taught me that eating 3 times a day is neither vital nor necessarily optimum. I can even do as much sport as I do in every other day after 24h fasting.

# I enjoy way more every single bite and I eat more slowly.

# Starving helps me to reconsider daily life problems and take things more easily.

# Each Tuesday is a challenge and I love competing with myself. It’s a very good way to get out of your comfort zone. In other words, I get a lot of personal satisfaction from this fasting.

# Each Tuesday, I’m very hungry. In order to think about something else, I focus more on my job. Each Tuesday, I am therefore way more productive than every other day!

Finally, I do recommend fasting if done with caution and for goals similar to mine. For example, I think it’s not a good way to lose weight. To answer your question more concretely, I didn’t notice any negative effect on my body and according to some studies, it might indeed be healthy (Fasting)